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Condition Surveys

wr associates were appointed to carryout detail survey and prepare report on the mechanical and electrical engineering services for MLS Business services

The report details condition of engineering services for Clients proposed purchase of the building.

Engineering services comprising:-

  • Boiler room

  • Air conditioning

  • Domestic water services

  • Electrical generating plant

  • Power installation

  • Lighting

  • Lifts (including testing there of)


Whitaker House, Richmond

Dilapidation Surveys

wr associates were appointed to carry out detail survey and inspection and prepare schedule of dilapidations on the mechanical and electrical engineering services.

Included in the Schedule being assessment of costs to effect repair/replacement of the engineering services all in accordance with Lease schedule agreement.

        Broadway House, Bromley


Listed below are selection of some of the properties we have surveyed for MLS:-

  • Bedford Street, London W2

  • Dolphin House, Brighton

  • Bracton House, High Holborn

  • Queens Square, Bristol

  • Network House, Woking, Surrey

  • Bracton House, High Holbourn

  • Quay House, Admirals Way, Docklands

  • Spitfire House, Hove, Sussex

  • 344/354 Grays Inn Road, London WC1

  • Broadway House, Bromley, Kent,

  • Lyttleton House, Chelmsford, Essex

  • Oxford Circus House, Oxford Circus, W1

  • Albert Embankment, London SE11

  • Eaton House, Harrow


Lyttleton House, Chelmsford


            Bracton Hse, Holborn