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Building Regulations

With the ever increasing pressures to reducing the omission of greenhouse gases wr associates are knowledgeable in  the requirements  of Part L Regulations.

The burning of fossil fuels (from providing such services as heating and hot water to our buildings) is the substance  that produces the carbon dioxide.

Amongst the myriad standards that it is necessary to comply with are 'building air-tightness' and 'Sap Calculations'. 

In addition to the above wr associates have experience in and can provide advice on other Building Regulations, for example -

  • Part E - Resistance to Passage of Sound

  • Part F - Ventilation

  • Part G - Hygiene

  • Part H - Drainage and Waste Disposal

  • Part M - Access to and use of Building

Indeed the provisions and requirements are being continually reviewed, such that new standards are being enabled each year.




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